Magnet Fishing Price List 2023

For All Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Survival Prepper





500lbs+ Neodymium Magnet


500lbs of lift power



Don't lose your magnet. Prevents eyebolt from loosening

Strong Nylon Paracord Rope 50ft


Don't lose your magnet and haul with a weak rope that will break

Hat - Breatheable Wide Brim


Protect yourself from the sun and don't get burnt

Sunscreen - SPF 70


Prevents skin cancer

Polarized Sunglasses 100% UV Protection


Prevents the discomfort from the glare and overcast weather

Water Bottle Stainless Steel


Stay hydrated and maximise your trip

Brush - Brass Wire Scratch Brush


Use the brush to clean the stubborn dirt off instead of your hands

First Aid Kit - All Purpose


Be ready to disinfect cuts and attend to accidents

Gloves - Heavy Duty Utility


Don't handle scrap with your bare hands. Prevent cuts and infections

Portable Chair - Outdoors & Camping


Don't let fatigue from standing ruin the trip. Take a break and rest your legs

Hand Sanitizer - Portable Multi-pack


Water attracts bacteria, germs, and diseases so have a way to prevent infection

Long-lasting Mosquito Repellent


Near water, don't get bitten by mosquitos carrying the dengue virus

800lbs+ Neodymium Magnet


800lbs of lift power

1000lbs+ Neodymium Magnet


1000lbs of lift power

Double-sided Neodymium Magnet


Great for scouting and for tricky situations

Leatherman Multi-tool


Always be prepared when needing a tool to do everything

Plastic Storage Containers


Organise and sort your equipment or scrap

Fanny Pack - Water resistant


Keep your wallet and keys with you. Don't lose them in the water

Microfiber Camping Towel - Quick Dry


Hygiene for your face and hands

Rain Weather Jacket with Hood


Protection from the elements. Don't catch a cold

Survival Knife


 Great for cutting, hunting, and personal protection

Fire Starter


Set up camp, cook, and keep warm

Prepper 72 Hours Two Person Bug Out Kit


SHTF. All you need to survive for another day or two

Duffel bag - Heay Duty Cargo Camo Bag


Multi-use for carrying your equipment

Backpack - Military 40L Camo


Carry your gear and blend in with the surroundings

Camo Jacket & Pants


Keeps you warm and disguised



 Scope out the territory and don't get caught surprised

Grappling hook


Helps you haul up any treasure no matter how big. Great for scaling walls



 Don't get your jeans soaking wet and dirty. Stay safe in the water



Dig anything out. Unjam an obstacle. Hide your treasure and stash.