Magnet Fishing Price List

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500lbs+ Neodymium Magnet$30-50500lbs of lift power
Threadlocker$10-20Don't lose your magnet. Prevents eyebolt from loosening
Strong Nylon Paracord Rope 50ft$10-20Don't lose your magnet and haul with a weak rope that will break
Hat - Breatheable Wide Brim$10-20Protect yourself from the sun and don't get burnt
Sunscreen - SPF 70$5-10Prevents skin cancer
Polarized Sunglasses 100% UV Protection$10-20Prevents the discomfort from the glare and overcast weather
Water Bottle - Stainless Steel$10-30Stay hydrated and maximise your trip
Bucket - Heavy Duty$10-15Have the convenience of putting your finds and equipment in a container
Brush - Brass Wire Scratch Brush$5-10Use the brush to clean the stubborn dirt off instead of your hands
Knife - Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife$15-30Cut off tangled objects
First Aid Kit - All Purpose$10-$20Be ready to disinfect cuts and attend to accidents
Gloves - Heavy Duty Utility$15-20Don't handle scrap with your bare hands. Prevent cuts and infections
Portable Chair - Outdoors & Camping$15-40Don't let fatigue from standing ruin the trip. Take a break and rest your legs
Hand Sanitizer - Portable Multi-pack$15-20Water attracts bacteria, germs, and diseases so have a way to prevent infection
Long-lasting Mosquito Repellent$10-15Near water, don't get bitten by mosquitos carrying the dengue virus
800lbs+ Neodymium Magnet$40-50800lbs of lift power
1000lbs+ Neodymium Magnet$60-701000lbs of lift power
Double-sided Neodymium Magnet$90-100Great for scouting and for tricky situations
Heavy Duty Trash Bag$15-20Dispose of the scrap thoughtfully, so you'd need a good bag for this
Mesh Bag$25-30Carry around your gear and keep the water drained
Leatherman Multi-tool$50-60Always be prepared when needing a tool to do everything
Plastic Storage Containers$20-25Organise and sort your equipment or scrap
Fanny Pack - Water resistant$10-15Keep your wallet and keys with you. Don't lose them in the water
Waterproof Boots$10-20Don't wear soggy sneakers. Protect your feet
Microfiber Camping Towel - Quick Dry$10-20Hygiene for your face and hands
Cleaning cloth$10-20Your finds come out wet so clean them with a good cloth
Rain Weather Jacket with Hood$35-45Protection from the elements. Don't catch a cold
1000lbs+ Neodymium Magnet$60-701000lbs of lift power
Double-sided Neodymium Magnet$90-100Great for scouting and for tricky situations
Survival Knife$50-60Great for cutting, hunting, and personal protection
Fire Starter$10-15Set up camp, cook, and keep warm
Prepper 72 Hours Two Person Bug Out Kit$140-160SHTF. All you need to survive for another day or two
Duffel Bag - Heay Duty Cargo Camo Bag$25-40Multi-use for carrying your equipment
Backpack - Military 40L Camo$25-30Carry your gear and blend in with the surroundings
Camo Jacket & Pants$40-90Keeps you warm and disguised
Binoculars$25-40Scope out the territory and don't get caught surprised
Grappling Hook$40-50Helps you haul up any treasure no matter how big. Great for scaling walls
Waders$35-60Don't get your jeans soaking wet and dirty. Stay safe in the water
Shovel$15-20Dig anything out. Unjam an obstacle. Hide your treasure and stash.

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