Magnet Fishing Laws – Is It Legal?

Magnet Fishing Laws

Is Magnet Fishing Legal? Magnet fishing is becoming very popular and has been getting a lot of attention in recent years. Since this is a relatively new hobby, explicit magnet fishing laws have not yet been created but there are still general rules for people to follow when engaging in this activity. As more people … Read more

Magnet Fishing Knot – How To Tie

Magnet Fishing Knot

Which Knot? A strong magnet fishing knot that is simple to tie, is firmly fastened, and one that will not loosen especially when holding on to heavy weights, is what you need to be ready to conquer in all conditions. Considered to be a reliable and trustworthy knot by fishing hobbyists, the Palomar Knot is … Read more

Magnet Fishing With Neodymium Magnets – The Ultimate Guide

Go Magnet Fishing Ultimate Guide

Introduction Welcome to this ultimate guide to magnet fishing! This guide will give you the information you need to know all about this enjoyable hobby, how to get started, where the best places are to magnet fish, and other useful information. What Is Magnet Fishing? Similar to metal detecting where objects are found on land … Read more

Magnet Fishing Gear – What To Bring

Boat Canal

What To Bring When Magnet Fishing There are essential items that you need to bring with you when going out on a magnet fishing expedition. You don’t want to find yourself having to seek shade because you’ve forgotten to bring a hat, or have to carefully avoid sharp rusted objects that could cause infection on … Read more

Best Magnet For Magnet Fishing

Best Magnet For Magnet Fishing

Awesome 500lbs Magnet lifting a 315lb man What’s The Best Magnet For Magnet Fishing? Want to know which is the best magnet for magnet fishing? The quick answer is: it depends. It depends on your budget, how big and strong you want your magnet to be, and what features you need. You may even need … Read more